How do I get a new Cesc meter?

How do I get a new Cesc meter?

You can apply online for obtaining new electricity connection, additional load, shifting, strengthening and alteration of services. No EMD is required to be paid. Cost of Annexure – A & Annexure – B forms will also not be required to be paid.

How can I get new electricity meter in Kolkata?


  1. Applicant should go to the Local Electricity Customer care centre office personally to apply.
  2. Application Form can be collected from concerned Electricity Customer Care Center of WBSEDCL @ Rs 5 only.
  3. Application Form may be downloaded from WBSEDCL website (, at free of cost.
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How can I get new electricity connection in West Bengal?

How do I get my old Cesc bill online?

Step 1: First of all, access the CESC bill download page. Step 2: Enter your CESC Consumer ID (the 11-digit number printed on your bill) > Enter captcha text > Click on Generate Duplicate Bill. Step 3: Your consumer details (name, address, etc.) will appear on the page. To download your CESC bill, click on Proceed.

How do I change my address with Cesc?

Registered consumer has to apply for change in mailing address. For a change in supply address, registered consumer has to apply with supporting documents for this change. Registered consumer has to apply through ANNEXURE A form which is available at all the Regional offices or can be downloaded from our website.

How do I set up a new Cesc connection?

Visit CESC’s Website Click on the New Conn/ Additional Load / Shifting tab in the right side under Quick Link of Home Page. Click on the New User Register tab and fill the registration form and click on the submit option. it and click on the Submit Option.

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What is the per unit cost of electricity in West Bengal?

West Bengal Electricity Tariff Rate:

Domestic Consumer LT
LT Power Range WBSEDCL Per unit(₹)
103-180 5.97
181-300 6.97
301-600 7.31

Can one house have two electricity meters?

Yes, you can have 2 electrical energy meters in a single house, for your convenience, distribute the load equally on the 2 meters, and you will get a less amount of Electricity bill as the slab rates fall in the lower consumption slabs.

How do I make an advance payment to Cesc?

You to draw a cheque in favour of CESC Limited for the amount to be deposited as advance payment and submit the cheque along with an unpaid current month’s bill at any of our Cash Offices. The excess amount will be carried forward to your next month’s bill as credit adjustment from which the monthly bills will be debited.

What is consumer energy meter (Cem)?

The Consumer Energy Meter (CEM) is an all-electronic, solid state, poly phase energy meter which accurately measures all parameters of the supply voltage, current, power-factor, KW, KVAr, KVA etc., in addition to active, reactive & apparent energies (as the case may be).

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Who is the service provider for Cesc’s ECS debit scheme?

BillDesk is the service providing agency for CESC’s ECS Debit Scheme. 4. Is it mandatory to mention mobile no. & mail id in ECS mandate form?