How good is Mil Tec?

How good is Mil Tec?

The quality is fantastic! The MOLLE works perfect and there is enough to be useful. The shoulder straps are very comfortable and the waist strap supports the pack well. This pack is more comfortable than most on a long ride.

Where are Mil Tec products made?

This listing is for the Miltec 36L Molle, they are made by the German company Miltec, they are manufactured in China but you have the advantage of German quality control and design.

Where are Mil Tec Jackets made?

My Dad’s side of my family is German so really love having the German camouflage and yes the jacket really is made in Germany.

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Who owns miltec?

Miltec is being sold for $14.6 million in cash according to its parent company, Ducommun, Inc. General Atomics said that Miltec will become part of its Electromagnetic Systems Group, which has been working on a railgun for the military.

How do I get a job in Miltech?

For more information on the MILTECH program, visit or, or call the Civilian Personnel Advisory Center at Fort McCoy, Wis., at (608) 388-2722.

What is a Mil Tech?

MILTECHs are federal civilian employees who also serve as Soldiers in the Army Reserve or other reserve component as a condition of employment, Marshall explained. They enjoy all the benefits of traditional federal employees, as well as those offered to active Reserve Soldiers.

How do you become a military technician?

The primary qualifications for becoming a military technician are graduating from an appropriate military camp and completing any coursework required for becoming a technician.

Can you make a living in National Guard?

As a young person with no skills, it’s hard to make a living. The Army National Guard will pay you while training you in a skill you can use in the civilian economy. Sure, infantry doesn’t have much civilian use, but mechanic, medic, or telecommunications jobs definitely do.

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What is military pay technician?

545: Military Pay Technician Typical duties include entering personnel actions, reviewing pay authorization documents, determining entitlements, and processing pay entitlement actions; responding to pay inquiries; reviewing military pay debts; processing adjustment actions; and reviewing military pay actions.

Why choose Mil-Tec®?

With the launch of the brand Mil-Tec® we have succeeded in developing a constantly growing range of practical and functional outdoor clothing that is characterised by a high quality standard at a good price-performance ratio. Warehousing was optimised in an area covering 75,000 square metres.

Are Mil Tec backpacks any good?

No experience with Mil Tec. LAPG operator packs are an economical alternative. chaosmagnet and Bander124 like this. I currently have a mil-tec backpack (not 100\% sure on model. It’s a 20L bag). If you’re not going to be beating the bag to high hell, I’d argue that it’s better value for money than a brand like 5.11.

Is the Mil Tec assault a viable option for EDC?

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The Mil Tec Assault (at least) seems to be a viable option at around £25ish. I did ask the question in my EDC thread but had’nt got an answer yet….