How old is the 12th Doctor?

How old is the 12th Doctor?

At 55 years old when originally cast, Capaldi was only a few months younger than William Hartnell (the First Doctor) was, when he was cast in the role, and is the oldest actor since Hartnell to star as the Doctor and the third oldest to portray the character.

How old is the Dr Who series?

The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989. There was an unsuccessful attempt to revive regular production in 1996 with a backdoor pilot, in the form of a television film titled Doctor Who. The programme was relaunched in 2005, and since then has been produced in-house by BBC Wales in Cardiff.

How old is Tom Baker Doctor Who?

87 years (January 20, 1934)
Tom Baker/Age

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How old is Peter Capaldi’s doctor?

63 years (April 14, 1958)
Peter Capaldi/Age

When did the 13th Doctor start?

The series premiere aired on 1 January 2020. Whittaker continues on in the role for the thirteenth series. Whitaker and Chibnall stated they will exit the show following the thirteenth series and three specials, which will air through 2022.

What age is David Tennant?

50 years (April 18, 1971)
David Tennant/Age

What age is Sylvester Mccoy?

78 years (August 20, 1943)
Sylvester McCoy/Age

Which actor played Doctor Who the longest?

Tom Baker
The longest-lasting on-screen incarnation is the Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker for seven years.

Who is the actress in doctor who?

Karen Gillan (born 28 November 1987) is a Scottish actress, director, screenwriter and model. She played the role of Amy Pond, companion to the Eleventh Doctor , in the BBC One science fiction series Doctor Who (2010–2013).

Who is the actor who plays the 11th Doctor?

Eleventh Doctor. The Eleventh Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist of the BBC science fiction television programme Doctor Who . He is played by Matt Smith, in three series as well as seven specials, over an almost four-year-long period.

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Who are the actors in doctor who?

Doctor WhoVarious actors who played the Doctor in the TV series Doctor Who (from left to right): William Hartnell , Patrick Troughton , Jon Pertwee , Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy , Paul McGann , Christopher Eccleston , David Tennant , and Matt Smith.BBC.

Who is doctor who in Season 10?

Season 10 of Doctor Who ran between 30 December 1972 and 23 June 1973. It starred Jon Pertwee as the Third Doctor and Katy Manning as Jo Grant.