Is India banning crypto?

Is India banning crypto?

No crypto ban in India — SEBI will reportedly be pulled in to regulate the sector. The Indian government is not looking to ban cryptocurrencies, but to regulate them as ‘assets’. All Indian crypto exchanges will reportedly come under the purview of the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Is Unocoin safe?

Unocoin wallet is safe and easy to use. Both Android and iOS users can use the wallet app. Unocoin is a digital asset exchange and wallet located in India.

Will China crack down on cryptocurrencies?

On May 18, three Chinese industry groups overseeing the financial sector announced the country would crack down on financial institutions conducting cryptocurrency business or offering related services in light of the market’s volatility, saying digital tokens have “no real support value” and prices that are “extremely easy” to manipulate.

Why is China’s Qinghai Province banning cryptocurrency mining?

On Wednesday, China’s Qinghai became at least the third province in the nation taking steps to curb cryptocurrency mining operations due to environmental concerns, barring local officials from setting up or permitting crypto-mining projects and ordering them to update the provincial government on implementation measures by June 20.

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Are there any active sanctions programs and country information?

Sanctions Programs and Country Information ​Active Sanctions Programs: ​Program Last Updated: Balkans-Related Sanctions ​06/08/2021 ​Belarus Sanctions ​06/28/2021 Burma-Related Sanctions 07/02/2021 ​Burundi Sanctions ​06/02/2016

What countries are on the OFAC sanctions list 2021?

Somalia Sanctions Sudan and Darfur Sanctions 04/12/2021 South Sudan-Related Sanctions Syria Sanctions Transnational Criminal Organizations Ukraine-/Russia-Related Sanctions Venezuela-Related Sanctions Yemen-Related Sanctions Zimbabwe Sanctions 08/05/2020 Click here for information on OFAC sanctions lists program tags and their definitions​