What does it mean to be perfect for someone?

What does it mean to be perfect for someone?

The definition of perfect is someone or something that is excellent, correct and flawless.

Can someone be perfect but not for you?

We can’t aim for perfect, but we can aim perfect for us. The questions really come down to what in a person we value most and what we value least. Once we understand that the person we are looking for is flawed, it makes things much easier. The person you can be with forever is the person you decide you love.

Who is perfect person in this world?

Supermodel Bella Hadid has been declared the most beautiful woman in the world after she passed a science test that determines what constitutes the ‘perfect face’.

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Is perfect a thing?

Perfection, we can all agree, is not attainible, although spell check gets us closer. Make that “attainable.” It is an ideal, Plato suggested, that we can only try to approximate in the real world.

What do you mean by perfect?

Something that is perfect is complete and without defect or blemish. It might also be precisely accurate or exact. The word perfect can also be used as a verb meaning — you guessed it! (Note, though, the pronunciation difference: PER-fect as a noun; per-FECT as a verb.)

How can a man be perfect?

Who is the perfect man?

  1. 1) He’s smart. Turns out, the smarter a guy is, the less likely he is to be unfaithful.
  2. 2) He supports your career.
  3. 3) He makes you laugh.
  4. 4) You share similar values.
  5. 5) He’s a gentleman.
  6. 6) He is faithful.
  7. 7) He is honest.
  8. 8) He makes an effort with your friends and family.
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How can I be perfect in 3 days?

A family-friendly comedy starring Wallace Shawn, Ilan Mitchell-Smith, and Hermione Gingold, it is about a twelve-year-old boy named Milo, a hopeless klutz who happens upon a mysterious advertisement in the paper for becoming a perfect person. A three-day course devised by a peculiar man, Dr.

Why a beautiful thing is never perfect?

Beauty in itself is highly subjective in nature. What appears beautiful for one person may not appear beautiful for the next person. It is again highly subjective and varies with every person. Hence the proverb “a beautiful thing is never perfect makes sense”.