Who all are entitled for national salute?

Who all are entitled for national salute?

The National Salute is authorised for the National Flag, the President of India, and the Governors of States. The drill procedure of National Salute and General Salute are one and the same. These salutes are only given in a guard of honour where the band will be in attendance.

Can airmen join Indian Army?

IAF provides opportunity for airmen with minimum 10+2 educational qualification and below the age of 27 years to become commissioned officer in Army through Army Cadet College Course. The eligibility candidate has to pass the written examination conducted by Army HQ.

Who gets a 21-gun salute?

Today, the U.S. military fires a 21-gun salute in honor of a national flag, the sovereign or chief of state of a foreign nation, a member of a reigning royal family, and the president, ex-presidents and president-elect of the United States.

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Who gets a 3 gun salute?

The custom originates from the European dynastic wars, in which the fighting ceased so that the dead and wounded could be removed. After this was accomplished, three shots were fired into the air to signal that the battle could resume. It should not be confused with the 21-gun salute (or 19-gun or 17-gun, etc.)

Who is airmen in Indian airforce?

An airman is a member of an air force of the country’s armed forces. In certain air forces, it can also refer to a specific enlisted rank. A career as Indian Airforce Airman is not just a matter of immense pride but the ones serving the country are subjected to a lot of respect.

Can Indian Navy officers travel freely on leave?

The Indian Navy Officers and their family members are allowed to travel freely by railways/ airways on leave once a year. Six travel concessions forms are also empowered to each officer for performing the journey by train. All Permanent Commission Officers would receive financial support even after they retire, through a pension.

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What is the Indian Navy salary structure for sailors?

The Indian Navy Salary Structure or Pay Scale for Sailors are tabulated below: All the Indian sailors have been divided into two groups namely ‘X’ and ‘Y’. Artificer Apprentices fall under the ‘X’ group and the rest of the sailors in the group ‘Y’.

What are the benefits of life insurance for Indian Navy officers?

The below table provides the complete detail on Life Insurance benefits for Indian Navy officers. Indian Navy Officers can relish sufficient leave time. Indian Navy Officers are allowed to take 60 days annual leave and 20 days of casual leave. Officers can also save 30 days of leave in a year which they can encash at the time of retirement.

What happens after getting appointed in the Indian Navy?

The officials will recruit the eligible candidates and after the appointment, the candidate will come under various pay scales. So, it is very important for the aspirants to be aware of the Salary and Benefits they get after getting appointed in the Indian Navy.