Who has the best visual in Kpop?

Who has the best visual in Kpop?

BTS’s Jin secured the title of a “Visual King.” He scored number 1 among men and was described as the God of beauty as he received praise for his visuals from beauty professionals and the public.

Who is the visual God of kpop?

Eunwoo (Astro) Recognized as the most handsome visual among all the rookie K-Pop groups is Astro’s very own member, Eunwoo.

Who is SHINee visual?

Minho (SHINee) The idol that is not just a talented singer but a talented actor as well is SHINee’s visual, Choi Min-ho.

Who is the most popular visual in Kpop?

Who’s the most popular Kpop visual? (Female edition) 1 Yoona (Girls’ Generation) 2 Sunmi (Wonder Girls) 3 Gain (Brown Eyed Girls) 4 Hara (Kara) 5 Dara (2NE1) 6 Krystal ( f (x) ) 7 Nana (After School) 8 Jihyun (4Minute) 9 Sunhwa (Secret) 10 Jiyeon (T-Ara)

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What is the 2nd generation of K-pop?

Experimental groups like Shinhwa, Click-B, god, Chakra, Jewelry, and BoA fall into the interim between this generation and the next. K-Pop groups like TVXQ, SS501, BIGBANG, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, KARA, and Wonder Girls found popularity as the 2 nd generation of K-Pop.

Who are K-pop’s 4th generation “it” boys and girls?

ITZY, LOONA, (G)I-DLE, EVERGLOW, and IZ*ONE are the girl groups ruling at the top. Keeping the above in mind, we introduce to you K-Pop’s 4 th generation “it” boys and girls! These idols have captivated fans right from their debut, and their talent is unmatched.

What are the top 5 K-pop groups of this generation?

Groups like ATEEZ, STRAY KIDS, TXT, TREASURE, and THE BOYZ are perhaps the top 5 boy groups of this generation so far. Super rookie groups like CRAVITY and VERIVERY are slowly but steadily making their place at the top as well. ITZY, LOONA, (G)I-DLE, EVERGLOW, and IZ*ONE are the girl groups ruling at the top.

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