Who is stronger than OZAI?

Who is stronger than OZAI?

Unlike his brother Ozai, Iroh came to understand the importance of balance within the four elemental nations – and this is what ultimately made him the more powerful of the duo.

Who would win in a fight Aang or Thor?

5 DEMOLISHED BY: Thor His colossal strength combined with the legendary weapon Mjolnir, Thor would be an unstoppable force against Avatar Aang. Even without most of his power through, Thor still has a critical advantage over Aang. As the God of Thunder, Thor can summon lightning at will.

Who is stronger OZAI or IROH?

While Iroh and Ozai are both very powerful, the biggest indication that Iroh was stronger was when his pupil Zuko beats Ozai’s pupil Azula in the Agni Kai. There are several more indications throughout that Iroh was more powerful of the two.

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Could Zuko have defeated Ozai?

Zuko is the son of Fire Lord Ozai and an excellent Firebender and swordsman. Ozai seemed to be at a loss when it came to dealing with redirected lightning. Zuko was able to best him with this technique as did Aang. Ozai was helpless when Aang almost killed the Fire Lord with his own lightning.

Can Hama defeat Ozai?

Aside from statements from dubiously canon sources like Avatar Extras and a brief insight into his training regimen during the comics, there is nothing substantial to say Ozai could beat Hama in a fight. To that end, neither Ozai nor his military force could stand a chance against Hama during a full moon.

Can OZAI beat Aang?

The Fire Comets, Rock Bullets, extinguishing of attacks from Ozai, pulling up the ocean to extinguish the fires were all Bending marvels which were possible only due to the Avatar State. As a matter of fact, Aang didn’t win effortlessly. He could only beat Ozai after going into the Avatar State.

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Can Avatar beat Thor?

In a fight, MCU Thor would win nearly every time against Avatar Aang. This young Airbender would not be able to defend against Thor’s attacks easily due to the latter’s attack potency, and firebending won’t be effective against a god durable enough to survive the power of a star for an extended period of time.

Who would win Aang or Ironman?

3 WOULD LOSE: Iron Man Though Iron Man outclasses Aang in speed and durability, it would be a close fight. His boot thrusters would not be of a significant advantage since Aang could firebend them in on him to cook him in his armor.

How was OZAI so powerful?

Ozai was a firebending master, and prior to his defeat by Aang, was easily the most powerful firebender in the world. He was shown as able to propel himself through the air with fire and use his firebending to devastate large swaths of landscape with little effort. Ozai is the most powerful firebender.

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Why was OZAI made firelord?

As punishment, Azulon ordered Ozai to kill his own son, Zuko, so he would understand Iroh’s pain. Ozai was crowned Fire Lord after the sudden death of his father, Azulon.

Who is the Fire Lord in Avatar?

Fire Lord Ozai
Ozai (also known as Fire Lord Ozai or the Phoenix King) is a fictional character and the main antagonist in Nickelodeon’s animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender. Though once shown behind the scenes than recurringly, he is nevertheless an important character in the series as he is the father of Azula and Zuko.

Is Zuko stronger than Azula?

By the end of the series Zuko is equal to sane Azula and better than insane Azula, but by the time of Smoke and Shadow she’s sightly better, winning their fire dagger fight (although it was obvious neither went all out).