Who is the highest-ranking military officer?

Who is the highest-ranking military officer?

GeneralMark A. Milley
Milley. General Mark A. Milley is the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the nation’s highest-ranking military officer, and the principal military advisor to the President, Secretary of Defense, and National Security Council.

Who were the officers in the Continental Army?

These are some of the most important men who guided the Continental Army and its allies during the Revolutionary War.

  • General Nathanael Greene.
  • General Henry Knox.
  • General Marquis de Lafayette.
  • Lieutenant General Jean-Baptiste Rochambeau.
  • General Anthony Wayne.
  • General Benedict Arnold.

How were officers chosen in the Revolutionary War?

Congress appointed men to the rank of general, but field grade officers, colonels and below, were appointed by the state assemblies in the state in which a regiment was raised. A commission at any level, then, could only be obtained by having influential friends who might recommend a man for a particular commission.

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Who was George Washington’s most trusted officer?

From Bunker Hill to Yorktown, bookworm Henry Knox served as one of Washington’s most trusted officers and the Continental Army’s chief artillery officer. The Boston bookseller devoured military tomes to become a self-taught expert on battlefield tactics and weaponry.

Who was the best general in the Revolutionary War?

George Washington is, of course, the most famous of Revolutionary War generals and was commander-in-chief of the colonial forces. Anthony Wayne was an American Statesman, who became a general and fought in the Revolutionary War. He made military his career.

Is Captain higher than LT?

In the British Army and in the United States Army, Air Force, and Marine Corps, a second lieutenant is the lowest ranking commissioned officer. Above him in those U.S. services comes a first lieutenant—lieutenant in the British Army—and then a captain. In the Russian Army there is still another rank, senior lieutenant.

Who was the most contentious general in Virginia?

Major General A.P. Hill, one of Virginia’s favorite sons, was also known for his fiery temper. One historian calls him probably the most contentious of the Army of Northern Virginia’s officers. Hill quarreled with every officer he served under.

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Who were some of the best generals in the Revolutionary War?

These are some of the most important men who guided the Continental Army and its allies during the Revolutionary War. Greene emerged from the Revolutionary War as one of the country’s best generals. Known as “the fighting Quaker,” Greene came into the war with very little military experience.

Who are the 10 most famous Confederate generals?

1 Robert E. Lee 2 Stonewall Jackson 3 J.E.B. Stuart 4 Nathan Bedford Forrest 5 James Longstreet 6 Braxton Bragg 7 George Pickett 8 Bloody Bill Anderson 9 Albert Sidney Johnston 10 John Mosby

Can officers refuse to fight under other officers?

Imagine a situation in the modern American army where officers refuse to fight under other officers, where generals openly defy and even strike their superiors, where officers are cashiered or relieved of command at a whim, where dueling challenges are routinely issued and accepted with no fear of official censure or retaliation.