Why does KCl have a higher melting point than CaCl2?

Why does KCl have a higher melting point than CaCl2?

Each atom in calcium has a stronger attraction to the delocalized electrons than potassium. Since more energy is required to break the bonds, the melting point of calcium will be higher than that of potassium.

Which has the highest melting point NaCl MgCl2 AlCl3 KCl?

NaCl is more ionic than AlCl3 because ionic character depends on the size of cations. As here anions are same, more the size of cation, more the ionic character. So the melting point of NaCl is much higher than that of AlCl3.

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Which is the correct order of melting point among the following AlCl3 KCl NaCl?

Hence the correct order is \[{\text{NaCl > KCl > CsCl}}\].

Why does AlCl3 have a higher melting point?

At room temperature, solid aluminum chloride has an ionic lattice with significant of covalent character. At temperatures around 180 – 190°C (depending on the pressure), aluminum chloride coverts to its molecular form, Al2Cl6. This causes it to melt or vaporize due to comparatively weak intermolecular attractions.

Does KCl or CaO have a higher melting point?

so the force of attraction between \[C{a^{2 + }}\] and \[{O^{2 – }}\] is much greater which results in greater lattice energy for CaO than KCl. Now greater the lattice energy , greater will be melting point. So the melting point of CaO > KCl.

Which has highest melting point NaCl or MgCl2?

Sodium chloride (NaCl) has a melting point of 801 degree Celsius, while that of magnesium chloride (MgCl2) is 714 degrees Celsius. These factors combine to result in a higher force of attraction in sodium chloride as compared to magnesium chloride and hence a higher melting point for the former.

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Why melting point of cacl2 is less than NaCl?

It is because the distance between the calcium and chloride ions’ nuclei, is less than the distance between the mercury and the chloride ions’ nuclei, given the fact that mercury atom has more number of orbitals and shells than calcium.

Which of the following has highest melting point LiCl?

In this compound four chlorine atoms are attached to carbon by four covalent bonds. Thus, $CC{l_4}$ is a covalent compound. Thus, LiCl will have the highest melting point.

Which one has highest melting point in given alkali chlorides?

Although lattice energy if LiCl is higher than that of NaCl butr LiCl is covalent in nature and NaCl is ionic. After NaCl, lattice energy decreases as the size of the alkali metal ion increases. As melting point depends upon lattice energy and ionic/covalent nature of the compound, NaCl has the highest melting point.

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Which has a higher melting point AlCl3 or pcl3?

Since a higher difference in electronegativity means there are stronger attractive forces holding the atoms together in a compound, and melting point is related to how strong those forces are, aluminum trichloride probably has a higher melting point.