Is jiraiya stronger than Hiruzen?

Is jiraiya stronger than Hiruzen?

Jiraiya flattens Hiruzen, and the prime thing doesn’t exist. Younger Hiruzen just has a bit more physical strength and stamina, but he’s otherwise the same.

Is Prime Hiruzen stronger than prime hashirama?

The Third Hokage of Konoha, Hiruzen Sarutobi was renowned as ‘The Professor’ and the ‘God of Shinobi’. It is said that in his prime, Hiruzen was stronger than ever other Hokage who came before him, and yes, that includes Hashirama Senju. Despite this, even as an old man, Hiruzen was extremely powerful!

Can Prime Hiruzen beat pain?

This has to be the most obvious list ever, like no duh we would lose to Kaguya who is the the creator of Chakra. In the manga, it says prime Hiruzen is as strong as Hashirama so that means prime Hiruzen would beat Pain. Pain was one of the strongest villains that the heroes had ever encountered in the Naruto universe.

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Can Prime Hiruzen beat hashirama?

Hashirama would easily beat Hiruzen. The reason Hiruzen was able to beat Hashirama and Tobirama was because when they were revived using Edo Tensei they were basically zombies. They were only at about 10-20\% of their original power because Orochimaru wasn’t good at the technique at that point.

Can Minato beat Hiruzen?

Orochimaru says that Hiruzen would’ve won a decade ago, despite Hashirama and Tobirama being there. So if his prime is like 39 years back, three more decades. Prime Hiruzen would squash Orochimaru, and I dare say that thinking along those lines, Hiruzen would beat Minato, likely with high difficulty, just to be fair.

How strong is sarutobi hiruzen?

Chakra and Physical Prowess In the anime, Hiruzen was said to have immense chakra, and even in his old age, his chakra was strong enough to crack stone upon moulding it. His reserves diminished in later years, to the point that splitting up his chakra between any more than two shadow clones was a great risk for him.

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How strong is Hiruzen Prime?

He was insanely strong perhaps the 2/3 hokage. Most of this will be old Hiruzen scaling since Prime Hiruzen has 0 feats. But he does have statmemts. You could debate me in the comment is u disagree. Anyway he is extremely underrated.

Is it possible to make two shadow clones of Hiruzen?

Hiruzen, during the part 1 arc, was NOT Hiruzen in his prime. When he fought Orochimaru in the Invasion Arc, he complained about how hard it was to make two shadow clones. I’m sorry to say, that if you’re a Kage level ninja, doing that wouldnt be an issue at all.

When does it say that Hiruzen and Orochimaru are perfectly matched?

It says that Hiruzen and Orochimaru are “perfectly matched” when This is a supressed old Hiruzen who is not fighting the way he normally fights. This happened when Hiruzen got serious: And this was a old and tired Hiruzen was able to overpower Orochimaru.

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Was Kabuto in his prime the strongest of the Five Kage?

People try to debunk this by saying kabuto was referring to his prime, but he says “we fought him knowing his reputation as the strongest leader of the 5 principal territories”. Meaning he was > the five kage. This wouldn’t mean in his prime.