What is runway friction testing?

What is runway friction testing?

The GripTester is a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME) device. It evaluates runway pavement friction and identifies areas that may have experienced a loss in texture due to wear and rubber build-up.

What is runway friction?

Description. Runway surface friction is directly relevant to the braking action which will be available to an aircraft decelerating after touch down, or after a decision to reject a take off.

What is a friction test?

The test is used to determine the kinetic (moving) and static (starting) resistance of one surface being dragged across another. Test Procedure: A specimen is attached to a sled of specified weight.

What is runway braking action?

Braking action in aviation is a description of how easily an aircraft can stop after landing on a runway. If an air traffic controller receives a braking action report worse than good, an advisory must be included in the Automatic Terminal Information Service (“Braking Action Advisories are in effect”).

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What is Canadian runway friction Index?

The average of the runway friction as measured by a decelerometer on runways with freezing or frozen contaminants is defined as the Canadian Runway Friction Index (CRFI). The CRFI is also associated with the Landing Distance tables in the Transport Canada Aeronautical Information Manual (TC AIM).

When can you expect to encounter wind shear?

A pilot can expect such shear whenever strong surface winds are present. Wind shear can be divided into horizontal and vertical shears.

How do you perform a friction test?

Test friction in everyday life with these simple activities:

  1. Hold your hand out the car window when it is moving.
  2. Try sliding on the floor in socks.
  3. Use friction to create static electricity by rubbing a balloon on hair.
  4. Erasers work by friction.
  5. Head to a playground an slide down the fire pole.

What is RCR in aviation?

Issue the runway surface condition and/or the Runway Condition Reading (RCR), if provided, to all USAF and ANG aircraft.

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What does friction coefficient 20 in a runway report mean?

Braking action poor
What does “Friction coefficient 20” in a runway report mean: Braking action poor. 5. Under what runway conditions is the braking action reported to be “Unreliable”: Runway covered with wet snow and slush.

What is Crfi in aviation?

Canadian Runway Friction Index (CRFI) Application to Aircraft Performance …………………………………………………………..