How many times summons can be issued?

How many times summons can be issued?

Court will send the summon for two to three times if reason is unserved of the summon. After that college issue a bailable or non bailable warrant against the accused. Now one will be in trouble as police are after you and one need to cancel the warrant in the lower court or higher court.

How many summons are issued in criminal case?

Hi , Only one summon issued is enough to issue bailable warrant of the accused in cheque bounce case , subject to the condition that the summon should b delivered to the accused and it’s report is in file before the date of hearing .

What is summons to an accused person?

Summon is a legal document issued by the court directed to a person to appear before a judge or Magistrate. According to section 205(1) CrPC, issuing summons may permit the accused to appear through his pleader.

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What are the contents of summon?

A summons must be subscribed by the issuing judge and must state or contain (a) the name of the issuing court, and (b) the name of the defendant to whom it is addressed, and (c) the name or title of an offense charged in the underlying accusatory instrument, and (d) the date of issuance of the summons, and (e) the date …

How is summon served?

Every summon shall be served by a police officer, or by an officer of the court issuing it or any other public servant. The summon shall if practical, be served personally on the person summoned, by delivering or tendering to him one of the duplicates of the summons.

How are summons issued?

Summons shall be issued by the Court in which the suit is pending before it for appearance of defendant and opportunity to answer the plaintiff’s claim. Summons may be served within within 30 days from institution of suit. Every summons shall be signed by the presiding Judge or its officer with seal of the court.

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What is summon procedure case?

Meaning of summons case: – Summons is a document that orders a person to whom it was sent to appear before the Court and answer the Magistrate on the complaint made against him. It is issued by the Magistrate under Section 204 (1) (a) of Code of criminal procedure code,1973.

How is a summon served?

How is summon served to defendant?

After issuance of summons by the court the next stage is the service of summons on the defendant. Rule 9 says that summons should be served by the proper officer or his subordinate. Rule 10 prescribes the mode of service viz. by delivering or tendering of duly signed and sealed summons.

Who can issue summon?

Section 91: Summons to produce Under this Section, a Court or an Officer may issue a summons in a written manner to an individual who the document or item is believed to be in possession. This compels the individual to attend and produce the object at the time and place stated in the order.