Is it good to work for Oracle?

Is it good to work for Oracle?

The benefits at Oracle are decent. The hiring process is long and cumbersome, but once at Oracle, you have many opportunities for changing positions and groups. Your salary is however unlikely to keep up with the market.

What’s it like working at Oracle?

Oracle is a fantastic place to work. Love the strategic direction of the company, management, counterparts and overall culture. Immense amount of training and enablement tools are available for all employees. Encouraged to volunteer in your community.

Is Oracle a prestigious company?

It’s not prestigious. Some people (not everyone) know that Oracle *used* to have very strong engineers, some of whom went on to become stars at Facebook or Google or elsewhere.

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How long do employees stay at Oracle?

Here’s how long employees are staying at the 10 biggest companies in tech: Facebook: 2.02 years. Google: 1.90 years. Oracle: 1.89 years.

Is Oracle good for resume?

Great place to stamp your resume, but not a company where you can grow a long-term career. Your career trajectory will still look good (because of the Oracle brand) but you won’t be so consumed by work that you can’t do what you need to do at home (plus you’ll be working from home if you prefer).

What colleges does Oracle recruit from?

“According to the e-mail, Oracle recruits “top candidates” for product development from MIT, Stanford, CMU (Carnegie Mellon University), Princeton, Wisconsin, Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Caltech, Berkeley, Harvard and Cornell.

Is Oracle a good career for a fresher?

Oracle is always a very attractive career plan for anyone whether he or she is a fresher or experienced in SQL PL/SQL domain. Any SQL developer can target for switching to the database administrator role by learning some key courses available. And always target doing some certification which added an extra advantage in their career.

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How to start a career in Oracle?

Introduction to Career In Oracle In order to create and sustain a career in Oracle, one should have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in computer science or Mathematics as a major.

Is Oracle a good career choice for a software developer?

People who are coming from software programming background will have a great ability to involve and learning all the Oracle related task smartly and come with one very good career in the future. Learning clearly are one of the key requirement of understanding Oracle. Experience in Oracle is always a wonderful career switch without any doubt.

What kind of jobs are there in Oracle database management system?

Job position varies in Oracle database management system, one kind of job is purely for developers like in SQL or PL/SQL whereas other kinds of job totally in database administrative level, no doubt comparing both last jobs is too attractive than the first one.