How much does a Webnovel contract pay?

How much does a Webnovel contract pay?

Immovable087. Huba_Huba_5874 if you get to sign the exclusive contract, you’ll have a chance to earn 200 dollars per month, provided that you write at least 1,500 words daily.

Which contract is better for Webnovel?

Exclusive contract: You can only publish the contracted novel on Webnovel and have a higher share of earnings than the non-exclusive contract.

Is a Webnovel contract worth it?

There are pros and cons if you are a contracted author at Webnovel. Of course more pros for high ranking novels. However, it depends on your preference as an author. If you want less investment but fixed earning since you just started writing novels, WN could be a good choice.

How do you get contracted by Webnovel?

‘ The first requirement is that you MUST have 50,000 words written on your novel. Once you have followed those requirements above, you can send an email to [email protected] and request to sign a contract.

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How do Webnovel authors get paid?

Authors sign a royalty contract with Webnovel. Authors will share the revenue earned from subscriptions on the website, direct sales from other platforms, and other monetization of the copyright.

Can you make money on Webnovel without a contract?

You can only earn money from contracts. You probably need to be at least in top 300 to qualify for one. As of now, don’t think about making a living from writing on Webnovel.

What is a non exclusive contract on Webnovel?

BUT, insiders say the non-exclusive contract (which you must already know, allows you to publish you novel elsewhere other Webnovel), pays about 30\% of any earnings you get by selling your chapters or getting gifts from readers – after taking all operational costs involved.

Can you make money with Webnovel?

Is Webnovel contract safe?

It’s actually not that bad. The terms you listed aren’t even enforced. I’ve never heard a case of Webnovel forcing an author to change the content, or even logging into author’s account to change the details without permission.

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How much money do Webnovel authors make?

Many authors fulfill their dreams of writing while earning royalties that are higher than the average job. In 2017, Webnovel’s parent company, Yuewen Group paid out nearly 200,000,000 DOLLARS . The average contracted Yuewen’s author earns an annum of 23,560 DOLLARS !

Does Webnovel own your work?

By Webnovel controlling the copyright, the author gets a much smaller slice of the earnings(royalties). Plus the author loses all control over how the novel is handled. Webnovel can do whatever they want with the novel, including firing the author and hiring another author to continue the story.

Is publishing on Webnovel free?

Popular stories publish up to 10 chapters a week (!!!) and chapter length is roughly 1,000 words. Access: New writers can begin publishing work for free at any time. In order to be paid for your work, you must apply to “win” a premium contract.

How to promote your contracted novel on WebNovel?

You need to work hard to get some relevance in the sea of contracted novels Webnovel has to offer to its readers. Usually, they will promote your novel if you fill some requirements. Being in the so-called ‘MGS program’ is a sure way to get some promotion (get featured). Update regularly (once a day or more is preferable).

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How much does it cost to publish a book with WebNovel?

This is not a compulsory thing but, like, it is $200. You’ll only get 50\% profits and they’ll help you with distribution and advertising etc. The story will have your name on it but essentially Webnovel owns it with the contract. If you drop your story after it’s contracted Webnovel has the right to hire someone to finish the story you dropped.

What happens when you drop a story on WebNovel?

If you drop your story after it’s contracted Webnovel has the right to hire someone to finish the story you dropped. Also if your story has like child porn or something equally not cool the content editor will tell you to drop it.

How do I get an exclusive contract for a contest?

Rules of contests mostly offer an exclusive contract as part of the prize. 1- You must download the contract inside Inkstone (Webnovel’s Author’s Dashboard). Sometimes you also receive the contract by email, but they tend to send it through the system to make it safer for both sides.