Is Percy Jackson as good as Harry Potter?

Is Percy Jackson as good as Harry Potter?

Both Harry and Percy set off on quests that shake up the worlds around them. But which series is a better read? Without a doubt, Percy Jackson is the superior series because of its plot balance as well as how well it gives itself to growth.

Is Percy Jackson inspired from Harry Potter?

“Percy Jackson is a regular kid who discovers he is special, and the world is really full of magic. This is just like Harry Potter.” Well, sure. It’s also just like the young heroes in the Greek myths. But Percy Jackson is not Harry Potter, nor is Harry Potter where the ideas originated.

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Who is more popular Harry Potter or Percy?

Definitely Harry Potter. Even though I read the Percy Jackson series first and the Harry Potter series second, I still think Harry because I heard about Harry Potter before Percy Jackson. All in all they are both good series and has lots of fans. Harry Potter is definitely the more popular of the two.

Is Carter more powerful than Sadie?

This is about in combat and sadie’s main advantage is that she can speak most divine words. In combat however carter is better. More disciplined,stronger,smarter, and better in combat.

Can a third grader read Percy Jackson?

Common Sense Media (my go-to spot for judging what media is appropriate for what age of kids) rates the Percy Jackson books as for kids aged 9–10. I’d probably pull that down a year to ages 8–9, but either way much is lost in reading those books if you don’t know the myths they are referencing.

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Is Percy Jackson banned?

The headmaster of a famous and the one of the top fee-paying schools for boys has banned his students from reading books with “bad” influence, like the ones with zombies and vampires in them.

How is Percy Jackson similar to Harry Potter?

Many other elements of Percy Jackson are similar to Harry Potter because the novels draw from the same well of folklore and mythology. Some examples: “Harry Potter has Platform 9 3/4; Percy Jackson has the 600th floor of the Empire State Building which leads to Mount Olympus, so this idea must’ve been taken from Potter.”

Is the Harry Potter series more mature than other books?

When your book series has chapter titles like “I scoop poop”, you cannot claim to be more mature than Harry Potter in ANY respect. And much of this also comes from the fact that Harry Potter is a drama. Unlike the Heroes of Olympus, which is unquestionably a comedy.

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Are the heroes of Olympus books better than the Harry Potter series?

The Heroes of Olympus books still barely contain as dark a tone as the Harry Potter series does. Adults help Harry just as much as they do Percy, and they definitely attack Harry in far more lethal and personal ways then they do Percy. We get numerous instances of murder, torture, and maiming of important characters, including Harry.

Is JK Rowling’s Harry Potter better than David Riordan’s?

Not saying either is necessarily better, but I think from a literary standpoint, Riordan is better here. Also, while Rowling very strongly and heavily develops the Golden Trio and the main professors as well as Voldemort, she really ignores a lot of the other major characters.