What houses were wiped out in Game of Thrones?

What houses were wiped out in Game of Thrones?

Extinct ‘Game of Thrones’ houses

  • House Bolton. House Bolton went extinct at the end of season 6.
  • House Martell.
  • House Tyrell.
  • House Mormont.
  • House Baelish.
  • House Karstark.
  • House Umber.
  • House Clegane.

Which is the most popular house in Game of Thrones?

Here are the Most Popular Game of Thrones houses

  • #5 — House Baratheon. 3\% Popularity. …
  • #4— House Greyjoy. 6\% Popularity. We are ironborn.
  • #3 — House Lannister. 10\% Popularity.
  • #2— House Stark. 17\% Popularity.
  • #1 — House Targaryen. 64\% Popularity.

What are the 10 houses in Game of Thrones?

So here are all of the Game of Thrones Great Houses, ranked by economic value.

  1. 1 House Lannister.
  2. 2 House Tyrell.
  3. 3 House Targaryen.
  4. 4 House Tully.
  5. 5 House Baratheon.
  6. 6 House Martell.
  7. 7 House Arryn.
  8. 8 House Stark.
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What are the symbols of the houses in Game of Thrones?

These symbols are more than just fashion statements, so here’s the meaning behind the sigils of the major players in Westeros:

  • House Stark: The Direwolf.
  • House Lannister: The Lion.
  • House Targaryen: The Three-Headed Dragon.
  • House Baratheon: The Stag.
  • House Tully: The Trout.
  • House Tyrell: The Rose.
  • House Arryn: The Falcon.

Which is the oldest house in Game of Thrones?

House of Targaryen Descending from the ancient civilisation of Valyria, the Targaryens are one of the oldest houses in Game of Thrones – and one of incestuous lineage. They settled on the island of Dragonstone with their dragons, but the Doom of Valyria wiped out most of the dragons and killed a lot of their people.

What is the richest city in Game of Thrones?

In terms of size, Volantis is physically the largest city and the most populous, but Braavos is now the richest and most powerful. Volantis has the largest army, but Braavos has the largest navy and greatest financial power.

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What is Bronn’s house name?

House Stokeworth
House Stokeworth is one of the noble Houses of the Crownlands sworn directly to the King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men, so Bronn, while elevated to nobility, is far less powerful, certainly not Lord Paramount of the Reach.

What house is Jon Snow in?

House Stark
Jon Snow (character)

Jon Snow
Gender Male
Title 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch Television: King in the North Warden of the North
Family House Stark Television: House Targaryen
Significant others Ygritte Television: Daenerys Targaryen

What is the most popular house in Game of Thrones?

The official seat of their house is in Winterfell and they rule the North. Their sigil is a grey direwolf on a white crest. The house is known for their honor and their loyalty. They are also known for their harsh climate and winters (hence “Winter Is Coming” ). There is no doubt that House Stark is one of the most popular from the entire series.

Who are the Baratheons in Game of Thrones?

The Baratheon’s are one of the major houses of the series. The official seat of the house is Storm’s End and they rule over the Stormlands. Their sigil is a black stag that is on a golden crest. House Baratheon is the youngest out of all the Great Houses of Westeros.

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What is the most powerful family in Game of Thrones?

The Lannister’s are one of the most powerful houses in the series. The official seat of their house is in Casterly Rock and they rule over the Westerlands. Their sigil is a golden lion that is on a crimson crest. House Lannister is the richest family in Westeros due to the gold mines that are located on their lands.

How well do you know House Frey and Bolton from Game of Thrones?

There were not options on our quiz but they still play a role in the series in some form. House Frey plays a big role in the series and helped orchestrate the infamous ‘Red Wedding’. They are led by Walder Frey, who had a ton of children. House Bolton plays a big role in the series, mostly as the villains.