Why are contracts important in construction?

Why are contracts important in construction?

Contracts are an important part of the process of any construction project. A construction contract such as a JCT or NEC Contract provides important protection for Main Contractors, Subcontractors and Building Employers and is vital in preventing disputes.

How can a contract contribute to effective project management?

Contracts are necessary for project management as they provide relief on either side. It is by managing the risks involved in procurements. A contract is required to share and bear the individual’s responsibilities in completion of the project. This is more so in larger and complex projects.

What is contract value in construction?

Contract Value The awarded value of the Contract Works including the value of Free Issue Materials and all other costs associated with the completion of the Contract or in respect of Speculative Developments the value of the works to be completed in a single defined phase.

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What is contract practice in construction?

Contract practice is a core Level 3 competency for those on the Quantity surveying and Project management pathways, and an optional competency for those on the Building surveying and Built infrastructure pathways. They may also gain relevant experience acting for a contractor, or managing subcontractor contracts.

Why are contracts important in project management?

Contracts give project managers the chance to pass off liability for certain project aspects to the contractor, ensuring that the business cannot be held directly responsible for activities it did not perform.

Why contract management is important in project management?

Contract management helps project organizations to take into account how project productivity, performance, labor, and inventory affect their growth and profitability throughout the project. It keeps tabs on communication, tracking, change control and other tasks.

What are the types of contracts in construction?


  • Commercial contract.
  • Domestic building contract.
  • Percentage rate contract.
  • Item rate contract or Unit price contract.
  • Lump sum and scheduled contract.
  • Cost plus fixed fee contract.
  • Cost plus percentage of cost contract.
  • Subcontract agreement.
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What is construction contracting?

A construction contract is an agreement between a client that wants construction done and a general contractor. This type of contract details the contractor’s scope of work, including their right to subcontract any of the work, how and what they will charge for the work, and any applicable plans or work orders.

What is a construction contracting company?

A construction contractor is a firm or individual that provides independent, professional services in the construction industry to third-party employers.

What are the contract responsibilities?

Contractual responsibilities definition is usually listed as part of a contractual job listing. This type of job requires you to sign a contract agreement. The agreement lists the terms and conditions of the job. You will not be allowed to start the job until you have signed the contract.

What makes a good construction contract?

A well-drafted construction contract clearly sets out the work to be done, the price to be paid for the work, and the terms and conditions of payment. The contract should also allocate various foreseeable risks between the parties.