What can I do with a MFA in fine art?

What can I do with a MFA in fine art?

MFA in Art You could consider a career doing design work for ad agencies, marketing departments and small non-profit organizations or companies. You could even start your own graphic design firm. As a manager of your art, teaching offers opportunities at all levels, as does working in local art galleries.

Is a Masters in Fine Arts worth it?

A Master in Fine Arts is a good choice for students who want to earn their livings as painters, photographers, sculptors, etc. For those who want a little more flexibility, a Master of Arts will offer a broader range of classes and prepare you for more diverse career opportunities.

How much work is an MFA?

The MFA is designed to be completed in 3 years (9 quarters) of full-time work (at least 12 units per quarter). Students will receive a degree in Visual Art.

What is the difference between MFA and MA?

The Master of Fine Arts differs from the Master of Arts in that the MFA, while still an academic program, centers-on professional artistic practice in the particular field, whereas programs leading to the MA usually center on the scholarly, academic, or critical study of the field.

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Is a MFA equivalent to a PhD?

No, an MFA is not the same as a Ph. D., but depending on what you do, you may not need a Ph. D. If you do writing, there are Ph.

Can I get PhD after MFA?

No. The only educational requirement is that you have a Bachelor’s degree. If you have a Master’s in English, or an M.F.A., you may transfer units to the coursework requirement for the Ph.

What is better MA or MFA?

Graduates of MA and MFA programs earn recognition in their field for commitment and dedication to their craft. Of the two degrees, the MFA is held in higher regard. MFA programs are known for rigor, and admission is more selective, which sets MFA recipients apart from MA graduates.