Can Java run without JRE?

Can Java run without JRE?

For running Java programs on your computer you only need to install the JRE. If you are planning to do some Java programming, you need to install the JDK instead.

Can we run Java program without installing Java?

You can do it with NetBeans and a couple of tools. The result is a standalone installer that packages everything you need, so your software can run without installing JRE. It is also completely portable, because it install your software on AppData, that is, it does not need privileges to be installed.

How do I run a jar file without?

Use any Open source intaller generator in java, which can run without JVM like launch4j. Installer will take the jar file and generate the .exe file and then bundle JRE with the application. a. Create a new folder and place the jre folder and the executable jar file within it.

How can I run Java without installing?


  1. Download JDK from Oracle.
  2. Download and Install 7-zip from here.
  3. Open installition exe using 7-Zip.
  4. Extract the
  5. Extract the content of tools.
  6. Open the extracted folder in cmd prompt.
  7. Execute for /r \%x in (*.pack) do .\binnpack200 -r “\%x” “\%~dx\%~px\%~nx.jar” command.
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How do I run Optifine with Java?

Run the OptiFine installer. If you’re using Windows, right-click the downloaded file ending with . jar, select Open with, and then click Java(TM) Platform SE binary. On a Mac, just double-click the downloaded file. If that doesn’t work, press Control as you click the file once, and then select Open from the menu.

How do I install a JRE file?

Easiest way to do this task is to use the launch4j for the windows exe wrapper and then use inno setup to create the installer. When you are creating the installer for the you application add the folder under the other application files. Make sure jre is inside the folder.

How to ship a JRE without Java installed?

You can ship the JRE with your application and use that JRE for your application. The effect is the same: The application will be started through an executable (wrapper needed) or script (batch) file and the target machine does not need to have a java runtime installed. Java doesn’t have to be ‘installed’, it just has to be ‘present’.

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Do I need JRE to run an application?

For the application to run you will need the runtime. In fact the very first thing that happens when you start the app is a call is a made to OS to start JRE. You cannot do without JRE.

How to verify the JRE version that is installed on the server?

These steps verify the JRE version that is installed on the server machine. On the keyboard, press the Win (Windows) key and the R key simultaneously to open the Run box. Alternatively, you can select Start, then Run. In the Run box, type cmd to run the Windows command console. Issue the following command: