How much does it cost to Plough an acre?

How much does it cost to Plough an acre?

New NAAC contracting prices 2018

Contractor charges 2018 Per hectare Per acre
Ploughing – light land 61.36 24.84
Ploughing – heavy land 63.85 25.85
Furrow press – extra 6.88 2.79
Ploughing – 30cm + 76.46 30.96

What is the cost of Ploughing?

Ploughs currently available in the market start at Rs 20,000, and are either manually operated, or mounted on a bullock or a tractor. But the cost only increases with bullocks and tractors. Generally, a pair of bullocks cost Rs 50,000, while a tractor costs as much as Rs 500,000.

How long does it take to plow an acre of land?

Constraints when using a tractor to plow one acre: A tractor needs 1 hour to plow an acre. The tractor can be hired for 8 hours per day. Ten person-hours of family labor are needed for clearing, preparation, and planting of each acre. The plowing is done twice, the first time for clearing, the second time for planting.

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How deep does a Plough go?

30-40 cm 20-30 cm
The great increase of soil diffusion constant as plough depth increases points to the increasing importance of tillage erosion in degrading hilly areas. plough depth: 30-40 cm. 20-30 cm.

What is agricultural plough?

A plough or plow (US; both /plaʊ/) is a farm tool for loosening or turning the soil before sowing seed or planting. The prime purpose of ploughing is to turn over the uppermost soil, bringing fresh nutrients to the surface while burying weeds and crop remains to decay. Trenches cut by the plough are called furrows.

What are the benefits of Ploughing?

The advantages of ploughing are:

  • Loosening of soil can improve air circulation.
  • The roots can penetrate deeper into the soil, thus holding the plant firmly.
  • Ploughing enhances the water retention capacity of the soil.
  • Ploughing uproots the weeds growing in the field and aids in the growth of microbes.